Monday, March 31, 2008

8 weeks

Here I am at 8 belly really yet, but there is room in the picture to grow!
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7 Weeks

Here is my adorable cousin as the beautiful blusing bride...she was so happy the whole day! So, that is me on the left at about 7 weeks pregnant...and my friend Elaine in the background who is also pregnant! Yay!
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6 weeks again

Still at six weeks...I was trying on the bridesmaid's dress for my cousin's wedding to make sure it still fit!
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6 weeks

Here, I am six weeks, we still hadn't had our first doctor's appointment yet, and the next week I was on my way to Portland for my cousin's wedding!
I tried on the bridesmaid's dress to make sure it was still fitting properly!
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5 Weeks

We found out at some point this week - in this picture I am about 5 weeks!
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This is Kevin and I at some point in January at our townhouse enjoying each other's company. We still didn't know that we were pregnant yet!
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The beginning!

I have pictures from the beginning of the pregnancy, so I will begin chronologically and eventually get to the point we are now - 13 weeks. In this picture, technically I am not with child yet. But, since this is the beginning of the cycle when the baby was concieved, I am actually in my first week of pregnancy. This was New Year's Eve with my parents and the Hewitts!
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Monday, March 24, 2008

First baby gift!

We had an amazing Easter weekend, and are getting settled back into the week...

Hub and I just opened one of the first gifts for the new baby! My aunt sent us the cutest little fall colored onesies - one says Libra (i'm charming and easy-going, i will be consistent, love to please, balanced, constant, agreeable). This pretty much describes Kevin - maybe the baby will even be born on his birthday (October 9th)! The other onesie is hilarious - it says, "Napping Makes Me Happy!" So cute! The baby clothes are impossible to resist!

We are at 12 weeks as of yesterday...I have my next baby doctor appointment on April 1st with a new doctor. We will hopefully get to hear the heartbeat at this one!

My friend Kirsten gave me the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy - exactly what I was going to buy myself! It has the most clear and amazing descriptions and answers to questions, and I love reading all about how the baby is devloping!

Soon I will add pictures of the baby bump!