Tuesday, March 24, 2009

davis drives to michigan

just kidding, he really rode in back!

st. patrick's day!

fun fun

feeling my tooth!
ready to meet the leprechaun!
davis loves grabbing his toes and putting them in his mouth of course!

Friday, March 13, 2009

a tooth!

More eating...and then relaxing with Grandpa....also wanted to note...today (Friday the 13th) we made a major discovery - a tooth! When Mama got home from work after she was feeding the babe, she had her finger in his mouth (as she often does) because Davis loves when you rub his gums lately. She found a surprise! A little bit of a bottom tooth coming through! It was very exciting, but also a little sad because this means our baby is becoming less of a baby, and his bite will be painful soon! Eeekk!

Davis's first meal!!!

Last Sunday (March 7th), we gave our baby his first real food! He absolutely loved it and devoured just about every last spoonful. He was definetly ready for some real food. We gave him whole grain (of course) brwon rice cereal. He thinks he has enough skills to feed himself of course, but we will wait awhile for that! Check out the action that daddy captured on that first pic!
Despite what it looks like, we did not let Grandpa give him wine for his first meal...

He wasn't sure at first...But he was very happy to eat in the end! He acted like he was starving or something! Geez!

baby visits mama at work

my first full day back at work, Kevin and Davis came to see me at the museum!


Monday, March 2, 2009

go beach!

Davis is getting ready for the beach this spring...even though there is snow on the ground!

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