Thursday, July 3, 2008


The sonogram pics are all from 20 weeks. The technician said that we had a really good looking baby - which is great - but that also means we probably won't have any more pictures! I am really happy that our baby is developing perfectly! When we had the sonogram the baby was moving around a lot, kicking, stretching, sucking, and wiggling! It was so cool! At that point, they estimated that our baby weighed 15 ounces - almost a pound! She also said that based on that, our due date could be more like Sept. 29th (our anniversary!), but the doctor said he would leave it at Oct. 5th. It was so amazing to get to see inside my belly. Oh, and for anyone who was wondering - there is only one baby! After we had been looking at the sonogram for a few minutes, Kevin said to the technician, "So, there is only one baby in there, right?" It was pretty funny. My next big appointment is taking the glucose tolerance test for diabetes. I have to drink some "special drink" - yuk! That's all for now!

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