Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sunset beach vacation

we are home for our wonderful beach vacation. so far i don't have any pictures because my mom & dad kept the camera. so soon after they get home, i will post some pictures. we had an awesome time and davis loved the ocean!

the first time we sat him down in the sand next to daddy and grandpa to help build a sandcastle, of course he took a huge handful of sand and put it straight in his mouth! we didn't let him eat too much of it, and he learned pretty quickly that it didn't taste good. he loved digging in the sand with his hands and his feet (like a bull). the very first time he saw the ocean a big wave came in and he laughed really loud. he liked it when we jumped over the waves and when he sat down and the waves would come almost knock him down. he didn't get sunburned, but mommy and daddy both did!

we had mostly nice weather and it was really great to get together with our family. davis misses everyone and especially being the center of attention. we went to a restaurant yesterday and he was looking around at all the strangers and smiling. he thinks everyone is watching him all the time now i guess!

davis did awesome his first time on the plane. on the way there from kc to atlanta he got to fly first class which was lovely for baby and momma (thanks grandpa). he is quite a good little traveler.

oh and davis is almost crawling. he can go from laying on his belly to sitting back up and he scoots backwards and goes up into down-facing dog. it is really cute. he also likes to rock back and forth on his hands and knees. he is talking up a storm and has said mama and dada, but not as often as just babbling.

thanks for reading - i will post pictures as soon as i can!

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