Sunday, August 2, 2009

mesmerized... the baby einstein. davis and i don't watch television except on the rare occasion that i need to clip his nails. (usually once a month because it is so hard to manage!) he gets completely mesmerized by the baby einstein "day on the farm" dvd and i can hide his hands and feet from him while i clip away. grandma fabrey actually figured out this tip while we were at the beach because she noticed this was the only time that davis was actually still!

davis is walking like a big boy and even tries to run!!! (and then falls on his face or bum!) he is super cute, he could just practice his walking all day. he finds a favorite toy and carries it around chewing on it and walking in circles, just because he can! he is delighted with himself. he has been talking a lot more lately and says mama all the time, but usually to his toys instead of me! :(

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