Thursday, December 3, 2009

master bedroom painted!

We are so thankful that our new home doesn't need much work at all, but one thing we have been wanting to accomplish is painting a few of the rooms. The previous owners selected many nice shades of beige and brown throughout the whole house, but Kevin and I like a little more color. We weren't sure how this would turn out, but our first project was the master bedroom. Here are a few pics of the final result. The color is called Mayan Gold, and it is pretty nice. It has taken some getting used to, but it works with our bedding and everything. It is also really nice to have cleaner lines of paint. Let's just say that the previous job was a little messy. Kevin is an awesome painter, which we already knew, but he is great at painting rooms too! Davis enjoys the new color too! Here are some pics of him enjoying it...the first time he saw it he went crazy running around and flailing about on our bed.

Davis' mullet right before his first haircut!

Big boy at the table.

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